Ostriches have a rather peculiar reputation of hiding from reality by burying their heads in thesand when threatened. Analogies are quite often used to describe humans with comparable behaviour. None of the hapless souls to whom the analogy can loosely fit has won much respect from fellows. This is because to most people, corrective reaction comes second only to proactive prevention. Avoidance of danger is frowned upon as cowardice. Mind numbing, body paralyzing fear like that of the ostrich is, as such, the most despised. Many people would think more highly of the kicks of a dying horse than this kind of reaction.

Well, while am yet to notice any feathers on me, or worse find an egg on my bed, I can honestly confess that I am slowly turning into an ostrich. None of my friends or family has noticed anything off the mark. Thanks to the subtle form of the sands that we humans bury our heads in during difficult times. Sigmund Freud categorized them succinctly as the ego defense mechanisms. And even though most of his work has been discredit by latter day psychologists, I fully agree with him on the concept of ego defense. In essence, ego defense mechanisms are ways in which we hide or turn our faces from unpleasant things both intrinsic and extrinsic. An example would be purporting to be a black beauty while in simple terms you are plain ugly. But that is not a very good example because we are all beautiful, created in the very image of God. Or is that just another ego defense mechanism conveniently concealed behind the unquestionable, faith? Was Newton, and by extensions all the evolutionists, wrong? Could human culture have evolved from the need to perceive ourselves as better than we actually are, rather than the urge to survive?


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