Can you feel, without touching,
that his skin is full of scars?
Can you see, without looking,
that his eyes are full of fear?
Do you hear, without listening,
that his voice is a weary whisper?
Would you know, without asking,
that his was a difficult past?
Can you say, without speaking,
that you understand who he is?
Do you believe, without seeing,
that his heart beats only for you?

Now touch and feel, the scars,
which made him the man he is.
Look and see, deep in his eyes,
his fear that he might lose you.
Listen and hear, his hoarse voice,
that begs you for a chance.
Ask and he’ll tell you of a past
that brought him to you.
Then when you understand
that he’s meant for you,
say nothing, words mean little,
but with a warm, soft kiss,
give him a promise of love.
Show him that you believe
he is the one for you.


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