Is the devil male or female? He might be male because he solves the world’s problem brutely, in a male fashion, “Burn them all!” But then again, I suspect the devil might actually be a woman. No matter how badly you wrong a man, he cannot hold a grudge for eternity. Only a woman can punish someone that long. Take hint guys before you do something that will make her wish you dead. That aside, whether the devil is male or female is irrelevant, the fact is that all sinners are gonna burn in hell for a long time if you believe in that kind of stuff. But before then, the devil is busy recruiting servants to help him mislead pious folks so that he may have a bigger bounty to fry in that fiery, sulphur pit we call hell. It’s these servants of his that have me concerned. I believe that if, indeed, all evils are equal, then all devils are equal too. A devil is a devil, whether he is dressed like a catholic priest or as a pimp. And also whether he comes smiling with an angelic face or scowling with two horns and red eyes.

Currently, in your life you may have many devils holding you back without even you realizing it. What am I talking about? I am talking about those people who do everything in their power to stop you from achieving your dreams. They can do this in many ways. Some devils work by discouraging you and making you feel as if you are not good enough to reach that goal. Others might be family or friends who hold you back by making you act in ways that please them but which negatively affect your efforts to reach your goals. Or it could be that spouse of yours who convinces you not to try and improve yourself, perhaps because of their insecurities. In some cases we are the devil ourselves. This is especially true when we are the only thing standing between ourselves and the success we want. This might be out of laziness, lack of motivation, fear of the unknown, or a plain absence of discipline in our lives. Whatever might be keeping you from your dreams, that’s the devil you have to fight.

When you start taking charge of your life, someone will be mad at you. Your family might get mad because the risks you might be forced to take extend to them. Friends might feel neglected and left out of your life while you are seriously pursuing your dreams. Your inner self might revolt when you start disciplining yourself and pushing beyond the limits. Society might frown at you for trying something new and different. But while everyone is being mad at you, remember that your dreams are more important than keeping anyone but yourself happy. Also remember that it’s ultimately better for you to be unhappy for a short time until you achieve your dreams. The rewards you get from seeing your dreams come true are incomparable to any hardships you go through to get there. That’s why you should be ready and willing to keep any devil (anyone who tries to hold you back) mad, do not give them a chance to keep you from your dreams. When you get up from reading this, do not soothe any devil. Follow your dreams passionately, and make the necessary sacrifices when you have to. And to borrow a favourite Kenyan quotation, “Remember us when you are rich and powerful.” 🙂


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