I am thought of as a poet of sorts
but you…. you’ve my tongue tied in knots.
My thoughts are scattered and incoherent
and am left speechless, all my words spent,
yet I have used only a few on you.
I’d say a million things, most of them true,
if I knew I could make you smile,
perhaps hold your attention for a while,
and show you why it can work out –
from acquaintances great loves can sprout,
growing with shared memories and experiences,
but only if two hearts agree to take chances,
risking the pain and disappointment of heartbreaks,
hoping to find a genuine lover among the fakes,
to capture the gentleman from among the dogs
or to find the prince charming amongst the frogs.
Can you believe there’s one for you sent from above?
Girl, would you then be willing to gamble for that love?
I know at first I may not look too nice nor sound so wise,
so I understand if you choose or need to think twice.
Finding love ought not be so hard, we all wish,
but the challenge is also something to relish,
because no good things come easy, we all know,
which is why I struggle to get you without letting go.
I hold to the hope that you be in my life, beautiful lady,
and I keep wishing that my gamble will pay off some day.


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