Beauty is the flowers of the jacaranda
Which lay a purple carpet on my veranda
So for a time I walk on softness like a bride –
With the promise of happy-ever-after by her side –
But such beauty is not meant to last
Because seasons pass ever too fast.

Beauty is the sparkling of a snow flake
Which falls slowly, sunlight on its wake,
And warmth cuts through the snowy cold
until soon the waters cannot hold
Melting to quench the ground’s thirst
Because such beauty is not meant to last.

Beauty is the innocence of childhood
During our ignorance of bad and good
Before we learn all sweet things are forbidden
And pursuit of pleasure keeps us from heaven.
What to do with our innate greed and lust,
Knowing that innocence is not meant to last?

Beauty is the sunset’s manifold hues.
And oh! What a masterpiece of views!
Perhaps God in his infinite wisdom realized
That such beauty could get a man hypnotized
Therefore after a handful of moments it must
Fade away as it is also not meant to last.

Beauty is the dazzling shine of a nova
Lasting but a few moments before it’s over
Leaving only an afterimage when it’s gone
From its owner forcefully torn
And by age scattered like dust
To prove that it is not meant to last.

Beauty can in many places be found
As a taste, smell, sight, touch or sound
And much beauty is on earth as in heaven
But that on earth has long been proven
To be spread all over, existing in parts,
And can only last in the purest of hearts.


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