Fuck living this fucked up life!
I demand to own my damn Destiny,
then I’ll bring that bitch to her knees,
begging a nigga to state his wish.
My wish? Are you for real bitch?
Well, I want a threesome with sister Fate,
and make the two of you hit the Big O,
begging for more, rewarding my labour.
See I am changing the rules of the game,
shit gotta change, I be the big kahuna now.
Henceforth, when you see me, you should bow,
asking if master has wishes.
Yes, I have wishes:
I wish for a bulgingly big blunt
so I can forget pains of the past.
I wish to see the fruits of my labour,
to be better than any lazy neighbour
because I am tired of this hustle n’ shit.

I wish to see a better world
of equality, fairness and justice.
A world where wishes can come true,
where men’s dreams do turn to reality
and God is at peace with humanity.
I wish slums and such similar scars –
scars of our current civilizations –
be wiped off the faces of all nations
so the rich can enjoy riches sans guilt,
and poverty won’t mean neediness.
How I wish that we’d all quit wishing,
go ahead, get up and start working,
because work is our personal genie
that grants wishes to the persistent.


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