Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. – Yoda, The Jedi Master.

I was suspended from campus for two academic years because of writing on this blog. Before I started blogging anything about DeKUT, I knew the possible repercussions. I am not new in this university. However, I got tired of keeping quiet on things that mattered simply because I too, like the others, was afraid of what might happen to me. That’s why I wrote what I wrote, hoping that someone would listen to my opinion and do the right thing. Well, someone listened to my opinion indeed. But instead of the corrective action I had hoped for, the action taken was to suspend me and others from the university.
I want to say that I do not at all regret being suspended. This is due to the fact that in the process of overcoming my fear and standing up to speak what I felt was right, I rediscovered important things about myself. I again started to trust in my abilities because it is God who gave them to me, and he’ll not take them away until I have used them to realize my dreams. Trusting in myself energized me to rise up to the occasion and speak on behalf of my fellow comrades, some who are still too afraid to even speak when they are supposed to.
I always wonder why we are so afraid. Do we not realize that DeKUT is our university? We are supposed to feel safe, comfortable and free inside Kimathi. It should be our home away from home, a place where we can truly enjoy the experience of campus. When we are not able to do that, we cannot satisfactorily attain the objectives that brought us here. I know from experience that fear makes the world seem huge and scary, it makes your course of study feel threatening and difficult, and your dreams appear too distant and unachievable. Therefore, do not be afraid my dear comrades. Do not be afraid to passionately pursue your dreams. Do not be afraid to enjoy your God-given and constitutionally protected human rights. Do not be afraid to be the best you can become. Do not be afraid to live your life. Do not be afraid to take dangerous risks if it will help you achieve your goals. Do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness when you do wrong. Do not be afraid simply because you are a student. Franklin D. Roosevelt himself said that the only thing to be afraid of is fear itself.
I’ve been sent back to the world without the degree I struggled for in the last three years. But I was born in this world. It is my home until I die. It will not let me starve or suffer needlessly as long as I trust in it and use the knowledge it has given me so far. The world is my home, I am not afraid in my home. Whether the appeal I made to the vice-chancellor is successful or not, I have nothing to fear. My dreams will still come true. The only thing that breaks my heart is having to say goodbye to my comrades prematurely. After three years of helping each other with everything, there are comrades who have become more than friends. And even those with whom I was not up-close and personal, for a while we were comrades and I’ll miss you too. Another difficult thing to do will be to tell the news to my grandma and siblings, that, unfortunately, their son will not graduate from campus as they expected. I gave them time to enjoy their Christmas but they have to know eventually. I cannot be sentimental for long; there are important things to be done. Saying goodbye is the first thing. And I leave you with this final word, do not be afraid. Always remember that, as a student, you have as much right to be in this university as the person working in administration. Everyone needs to learn how to give mutual respect and live in harmony with the others. Anyone who feels like they cannot do that can hand in their deferment or resignation letters to their head of department and leave the rest of the students and workers in peace. We need peace here; these courses can be too much of a headache to handle without peace in our minds and souls. It is with that peace that I leave you all. Goodbye, comrades.



  1. I am agonizing with you brother. We need to get a revolution to resonate the current epidemics in Dedan KImathi university.This has to stop.I feel you bro

  2. In DeKUT we will not be afraid…….thanks comrade for this….This is the way we will make DeKUT the best techno university…….

  3. you are like a mau mau fighter to us and the truth will come to stand one day. Suppressing students will not stay long but soon they will rediscover their premature decision they made and correct it>
    I can feel the pain in you.

    1. Thanks. That’s how it always goes in life, destiny does not forget the sacrifices that are made in the pursuit of righteous causes. I think the bible also says somewhere that it is better to suffer for righteousness as opposed to putting up with something we know is obviously wrong.

  4. A moving post on courage or fearlessness. The world definitely needs men and women of courage who fearlessly stand up for what is right. Many are afraid and cannot stand up for themselves. If nobody stands for them, the unscrupulous but powerful will crush them. You are a great man if you courageously stood for the right. Nothing great is achieved without sacrifice. Now you have been turned out of your institution.You must not give them the pleasure of seeing you fail. Decide that you will turn this into a stepping stone to something greater; and do it. Remain strong.

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