The Ugandan parliament decided to take their country a hundred and one years back to the past, and their president gave them his blessings by assenting the now infamous anti-gay bill. First off, all Africans should be thanking Museveni for standing up for what he and his fellow countrymen believe in. Notwithstanding the justification of the seemingly rash move, African leaders should stop doing things in fear of repercussions from the West. Besides, if anyone was to argue on the grounds of a free and fair society, then Museveni is certainly justified. That is the essence of democracy, if the majority are for it then everyone is for it. Basically, from this democratic point of view, this implies that even the gays agree to the bill. What a bitter irony!

Anyway, I do not pity Ugandan homosexuals for the long sentence. A lot of people who are not against the new laws have already pointed out the major flaw in the anti-gay bill. How do you punish homosexuals by sending them to prison, the haven for gays? Surely, Mr. Museveni can be guaranteed that those will be fourteen years of pure delight for the convicts. To be honest, most of them will be enviable to many Africans. The major challenges of the continent remain food, clean water, shelter, etc. In prison these are provided. In short, those sausage loving dudes will have free access to basic needs unlike many citizens and on top of that get to play with each other’s babymakers. Basic needs and unlimited sex? Not a bad deal in exchange for freedom really, some people would give an arm for that much.

The gays can keep looking to the west and hope someone will answer Museveni’s question. Is homosexual genetically caused? Someone has already found a correlation between genes and homosexuality. Nevertheless, a correlation does not mean causality. Proving that genes make someone to be homosexual will definitely take a long time. In the meantime, a lot of gays will be going to prison for their ‘unnatural’ desires and their shameless indulgence in the same if Museveni maintains his stance. Knowing Uganda’s history of extremity and Museveni’s own hardheadedness, you can almost be certain that he will not budge. Gay sympathizers can demonstrate all they want, the US can withdraw all their funding and aid, Ugandan gays will still go to prison.

The tenacity and diligence of whoever drafted the bill is commendable; they made sure to include a provision to require the extradition of Ugandans who try to practice homosexuality in more liberal countries. The Ugandan lawmakers are hellbent on forcing all Ugandan anal destroyers back into their ‘natural’ sheaths. Apparently, the guys in parliament cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would prefer to quit the pleasures of the more supple, feminine front entrance and use the dirty, unkempt back entrance of a fellow sword bearer for sexual pleasure. Well, even scientists are boggled at finding what causes one to be gay which is why Museveni was so emboldened to sign the bill.

You can expect more African countries to follow suit in a bid to prevent an inflow of gays from Uganda. Kenyan lawmakers have one in the pipeline already. There will be even much less pressure from the West in Kenya’s case because our president already sold out to the Chinese. After how those supremacists tried to bully him during the early days of his ICC case, he might hurriedly sign the bill when it comes just to annoy some Tom, Dick and Harry in Europe and/or America. All in all, Africans should hold on to a shred of their morals and inherent dignity; Museveni has emerged as the leader in that course. One day he shall be remembered, for better or for worse, as the one who had the galls to stand up for African morality and his Christian beliefs.


10 Ways To Make Your Girl Feel Special

I stand in awe of the strength of a woman because I have been brought up by the strongest of them all. I am forever mesmerized by the beauty of their hearts and by the purity of their love. After everything I saw my mum and, later, my sisters go through to raise me up, I have to say that a woman is the most magnificent of God’s creations. And I’ll be damned if she doesn’t deserve all the love and respect a man has to offer. If she wants pampering, pamper her. It is not because she wants to be a child, she just wants to know there is a man who can take care of her. If she wants you to call twenty times a day, pick up the phone and call her because you will never find the same kind of love that makes her miss you so much. If she says she loves you, believe her and love her back. She is the goddess of the earth and guardian of true love; and the last custodian of our morals. These are the reasons I love the women in my life: sisters, cousins, friends, girlfriend, aunts, grandma, I love you all.

James Michael Sama

In the past, we have discussed 10 Ways A Good Woman Will Make You A Better Man, but what I think often goes overlooked is that a woman like this won’t just be with any schmuck. If you want a woman who is genuinely special, you should be treating her that way.


1. Make her feel beautiful, every day.

This one seems obvious. Internet Romeos everywhere are reading this going “Hey man, I call girls beautiful every day!” I don’t mean just telling a woman she’s beautiful – any guy can do that. I mean make her deeply feel, in her heart, that you think she is the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful woman you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

Women are not often as confident as they come across. You need to reinforce her, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if she just got stung by a bee and her…

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Do you know the suffering you caused me
or the moments the heartbreak cost me;
what of the days I could manage no smile,
as I reminisced and watched my sorrows pile
remembering the heaven that you were
whenever I had your divine love near?
Do you know what path you chose for me
or how you shaped this man you now see?
The seeds of despair you scattered in my heart
germinated into bitter regret deep in my gut;
luckily, I remembered to weed out that parasite
so my motivation could enjoy the glorious sunlight
of a happy heart, too hopeful to be discouraged.
If you ever wondered, that’s how I was salvaged
from the destruction threatened by all your lies
which were well veiled by your innocent eyes.
That pain and sorrow is now bittersweet memory –
it all taught me what I could not learn by theory:
Now I know that hearts that love most hurt most
and that the future is for those who let go their past;
I realized tomorrow has more to offer than yesterday,
so I’ll cry if I must, but I must get through today.


I will always remember Megan and Rachel and that fateful ride when I first scouted the routes that cut through one of Nairobi’s more affluent neighbourhoods. I was sitting on the back seat of Megan’s Land Cruiser; she was driving and her Australian visitor, Rachel, was seated on the passenger side making small talk. I do not know what prompted Rachel to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up; neither do I know what made me give her the answer I did.

“I always wanted to be jet-fighter pilot. I would so love to work in the Kenya Air Force.” I told her in all honesty of an eighteen year old unsure how to act around two mature white women. I was many worlds away from home, this was an alien setting for me altogether. Physically, however, I was only a short way from home — it is only twenty minutes from Runda to Mathare, much less if you are not using public transport.

Rachel came back with, “Why do you want to kill people?”

I was taken aback, that was never my first impression when I thought of working in the armed forces, “Well, I wouldn’t have to kill them if they weren’t guilty of something.”

“So do you think all the children and women who die in war are guilty?”

“Of course not. Which is why I want to be a jet pilot so I can be diligent enough to drop the bombs more accurately and avoid innocent victims.”

“But then…”

But by then Megan had had enough and decided to cut in.

“Go ahead and be anything you want to be, Kelvin. Don’t listen to what anyone tells you you can or cannot be.” she said to me.

I never made it to the armed forces, matter of fact, I doubt that my application for cadet openings even warranted being looked at twice before being trashed. It turned out that the world was calling me elsewhere. That turned out to be a young university, deep in the African jungle where people still study under trees (This is not such a bad dogma amongst white folks, think of all the tourists who come searching for that jungle). I ended up taking a course in engineering, perhaps holding on to the hope that it was not too late to be a pilot.

Anyway, Rachel went back to Australia and I never heard from her again. And Megan went on to start a charity organisation, Tushinde, so she can enable more and more African kids to be what they want to be and not to listen to anyone who tells them otherwise. I can tell you from experience that to survive in the slums, these kids really need a lot of help. Personally, if it weren’t for organisations and people like Change Lives Now, Megan, Mogra Star Academy, etc. I might not have gone through high school let alone know how to use this computer and write this blog. That is why today I only wrote in honour of those who weren’t obligated to help me in any way, but went ahead and did anyway. They are the ones who make me deaf to the world until I get what I set out to achieve.

PS: I use British English because Megan is Brit, but I must apologize beforehand for the grammatical errors I cannot spot. The other day a professor read my blog and told me that my English is bad. What I didn’t tell him was to suck it; he is still marking last semester’s exams, you know. But his pompous criticism almost made me remind him that my blog is read by more people than his dignified and correct academic papers. He is more evidence that the world is full of haters, and people too ready and willing to put you down. Learn to ignore them and keep moving forward, move until you are what you want to be and not what the world says you will become.


If you see someone flying, the first question should not be: Will you teach me how to fly?
Rather, the first question ought to be: Where can I find a pair of wings too?
You may know how to fly, but without wings you won’t be able to lift off. But the person with wings who doesn’t know how to fly might play around and try again and again until he finally figures out how to fly. It is the same thing with getting rich, finding the love of your life, landing a perfect career, or achieving whichever other goal motivates you. First acquire the wings, equip yourself in readiness for the great things you want in life; then even if you never find someone to tell you how to use the skills and resources you have accumulated, somehow the winds of fortune will reveal to you how you can use them to make all your dreams come true.