Do you know the suffering you caused me
or the moments the heartbreak cost me;
what of the days I could manage no smile,
as I reminisced and watched my sorrows pile
remembering the heaven that you were
whenever I had your divine love near?
Do you know what path you chose for me
or how you shaped this man you now see?
The seeds of despair you scattered in my heart
germinated into bitter regret deep in my gut;
luckily, I remembered to weed out that parasite
so my motivation could enjoy the glorious sunlight
of a happy heart, too hopeful to be discouraged.
If you ever wondered, that’s how I was salvaged
from the destruction threatened by all your lies
which were well veiled by your innocent eyes.
That pain and sorrow is now bittersweet memory –
it all taught me what I could not learn by theory:
Now I know that hearts that love most hurt most
and that the future is for those who let go their past;
I realized tomorrow has more to offer than yesterday,
so I’ll cry if I must, but I must get through today.


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