10 Ways To Make Your Girl Feel Special

I stand in awe of the strength of a woman because I have been brought up by the strongest of them all. I am forever mesmerized by the beauty of their hearts and by the purity of their love. After everything I saw my mum and, later, my sisters go through to raise me up, I have to say that a woman is the most magnificent of God’s creations. And I’ll be damned if she doesn’t deserve all the love and respect a man has to offer. If she wants pampering, pamper her. It is not because she wants to be a child, she just wants to know there is a man who can take care of her. If she wants you to call twenty times a day, pick up the phone and call her because you will never find the same kind of love that makes her miss you so much. If she says she loves you, believe her and love her back. She is the goddess of the earth and guardian of true love; and the last custodian of our morals. These are the reasons I love the women in my life: sisters, cousins, friends, girlfriend, aunts, grandma, I love you all.

James Michael Sama

In the past, we have discussed 10 Ways A Good Woman Will Make You A Better Man, but what I think often goes overlooked is that a woman like this won’t just be with any schmuck. If you want a woman who is genuinely special, you should be treating her that way.


1. Make her feel beautiful, every day.

This one seems obvious. Internet Romeos everywhere are reading this going “Hey man, I call girls beautiful every day!” I don’t mean just telling a woman she’s beautiful – any guy can do that. I mean make her deeply feel, in her heart, that you think she is the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful woman you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

Women are not often as confident as they come across. You need to reinforce her, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if she just got stung by a bee and her…

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