B7kx-_OCUAAkHb0Wisdom knows that life is like a river. Wherever or however it may start, a river has only one goal: To reach the sea. It does not matter what useful or destructive things it does along its way, in the end it must reach the sea. But with neither senses nor memory to direct it towards the oceans, what guides it ever towards the lowlands? Gravity. The river trusts in gravity knowing that it is bound to lead it where it needs to go. The river trusts gravity when it has to go round a rock. The river trusts gravity when it has to meander. The river trusts gravity when gravity takes it over sands that drain some of its substance or make it muddy. The river trusts gravity at all times, because gravity can never fail it nor take it to somewhere it does not need to go.
Just like gravity guides the river to the sea, destiny guides our lives to our purpose on earth, to our calling, to our fate. Whether you believe it or not does not matter; but your actions are always directed by your destiny towards realizing your life’s purpose. Each of us was born to achieve something useful and meaningful on earth. But the lie that many people believe is that it is impossible to achieve a life purpose without knowing it from the beginning. Consequently, such people quit before they’ve even begun. But, on the contrary, most people only come to know what their purpose was once they have achieved it. And some die before they get to know what theirs was – only for it to become clear posthumously.
So be like the river and trust in your destiny. Trust that everything you go through is leading you to something great and unique. There is a reason you feel the passions in your heart; those desires and doubts, hopes and fears, dreams and frustrations, wishes and aspirations are not burning in your heart just because you are human. Everything you feel and experience is special and unique to you. It is the voice of destiny calling out to you – trying to show you the way and hoping that you will trust in it and follow. It all serves to slowly push or pull you towards your fate. But it is hard to follow unless you trust; and impossible to trust unless you believe. So believe that your life is fated for an exceptional purpose; and trust that your destiny is slowly guiding you towards that purpose. And like the river, I hope you find your sea. I hope you find your purpose and happiness. Good luck!!



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