I have but only a few lines
to say on this auspicious Valentine’s;
still I wonder if they be credible
to a lady so glamorous and estimable,
with a voice more superfluously enchanting
than any melodies the Sirens ever sing;
and a smile that’s refreshingly sweeter
than a dewy, spring morning’s nectar.

Here I am – driven to partial lunacy
by your body, so seductively sexy –
trying my hand at poetic composition,
though I know perfection defies comparision,
and that nothing I say, even in doting folly,
can fully capture the entirety of your glory;
for the Lord made words such as were too few
to describe either him or any of his angels like you.

Love can be right there,
next to you, yet not near,
‘cos hearts are ruled by fear,
and true confessions rare to hear,
but here is my truth, plain and clear,
and I wait not to be any more sure,
‘cos love doesn’t make much sense
until one has taken a chance.


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