Do dreams actually come true
When the sea rises in high tide
Ending the seamen’s ado
To sail upon waters far and wide?

When men dream of such things,
What wind lifts their eager wings?

Do dreams actually come true
After winds, steady and strong,
Work with a sea vessel’s crew,
To take sailors where they long?

When thus favoured by chance,
Is arrival verily a victory dance?

Do dreams actually come true
At the journey’s timely ending
if life remain and scars be few,
and no vestige of action pending?

Is it when thus left with no more to do
that men count their dreams came true?

Do dreams actually come true
So men can enjoy sunsets in peace
Knowing they were useful here too
And can withstand death’s cold kiss?

When a man learns the secrets of death
Won’t he more easily give up his breath?

Dreams may actually come true
If men knew what dreams to dream
by looking keenly to that innate clue –
passions – stifled to a silent scream.

The best dream is a man’s raison d’etre,
Not to achieve, but daily make him better.

Dreams have been proven to come true
By men who smiled at their lives’ ends
Glad to peep past death, and start life anew,
Because a fully lived life needs no amends.

That’s all death demands – that we live fully –
So when he takes life, he can leave us glory.


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