In the land I first saw her
the wind blew softly
caressing the beauty of the leafy trees
gently rocking the flowers in bloom
wafting the fresh air from forests around
it was a serene land I met her
because nature was at peace with itself.
The trees swayed with the wind,
mimicking a slow, romantic ballroom dance
as the birds whispered their loyalty and love.
That breeze was the satisfied sigh
of nature from the perfect fondling of its maker;
it was the muffled, orgasmic moan
of a tamed and civilized landscape,
which dared not squeal with delight and pleasure,
but the delight and pleasure were there
within the cheer and playful laughter
of trees tickled by moths and butterflies.
Such was the land in which I knew her,
a land as beautiful and perfect as she,
it was a perfect place to fall in love.


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