Look behind the walls guarding my heart,
see the vastness of the love therein.
Look behind the timidity of my trust,
and study the scars from my past.
Look deeper at the lonely soul within.
Did you see all that, was that the clue?
Or how did you know I thirsted for you?
How’d you find the highway to my heart?
How’d you know what I needed to hear
to down my guards and let you get near?
Thanks for whispering your gentle persuasion,
convincing me to again push myself out to sea,
to continue my sail but with a new start.
In your arms I was made a man again,
given the strength to let go of past pain.
Your commitment I’ll never fully understand
but in the light of your love let me ever stand.
Girl you saw and sated the needs within me
and this, this verse, is part of my appreciation


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