I worked to the top
now I let me fall back to the ground
with a loud thud
to make a mark on earth
that mine remembrance
be not at mercy of frail memories
or destructible hard and soft copies
rather it be on mother earth’s face
to be seen as long as she lives.
So in my shuttle slumber
as I head back whence I came
know I didn’t crave the loneliness
at the pinnacle of success
mine was a preparation for a dive
to add flavor to the swim
as I breaststroke in my own tears.
tears of a heart too joyous
of a soul too sorrowful
of a body much pleasured and intolerably pained
tears for the right and wrong reasons
tears I must have shed
to clean mine eyes
so tomorrow could be clearer
and my spirit could be washed
of all the dirt
that could shame my maker of me.


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