Look ye at God’s creation,
notice all the imperfection.
Behold the struggle under the sun,
contrast it to the abundance in Eden
which was to be the eternal fate of man,
had the very first not fallen
by the allure of the original sin,
and the subtle evil therein.
But the Supreme Being above,
whose essence is pure love,
knows no measure of evil,
for it all belongs to the devil
in that punitive, fiery pit,
which will be Satan’s final defeat.
Why this sermon on a weekday?
Because it’s a heavy price we pay
chasing after the mirage of perfection,
unaware we hold an ill-conceived notion,
’cause in the finitude of our wisdom
we can’t entirely fathom his kingdom
nor the vicissitudes of his constant nature.
Hence, I only aver what’s in Scripture:
In his own image, he made them;
male and female, he created them;
and all was perfect in his sight.
If you believe the Good Book is right,
you and I are perfect in every respect
because we descend from a place sans defect
and, knowing that light cannot birth darkness,
we surely never lost the original perfectness.
[The fall of man was not in eating the fruit, it was in being tricked into deciding to eat it. How does one trick a perfect human being? Either they weren’t as perfect as the bible says or our conception of “perfect” is heavily flawed. I stand by the latter.]


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