I used to be the air, just there,
formless, shapeless, listless,
until your love
compelled me to move,
to be a breeze,
a whirlwind, a gale,
to be the tornado
rocking the zeitgeist –
a wind of change
in my life and beyond;
but while curious souls
are wont to wonder,
your mind asks
wherefore your love
is so motive,
why it inspires,
moves me.
I answer:
your heart already
secretly knows,
as hearts oft do,
That it is simply because
I love you too.



Humanity fears death and decay,
Thus the soul never truly is free –
A slave to the wish of more sway,
On the course and speed upon the sea
Of angst that we sail – but paddle away,
Calm in spirit, ever forward, for, see:
Everything is not gonna be okay,
It’s only gonna be as it should be;
And even that on its chosen day,
Not the time that pleases thee.

I Had a Dream

I had a dream
About you and the days we had,
Then a divinely white light fell on me
And I cried: Oh Lord,
She is the sweetest angel,
She is that love Jesus called God,
She is heaven itself,
She is everything and she is mine!
That’s where I woke to light of day
As the same old atheist I became.


It’s your role to forever shine bright,
And mine to always follow your light,
For I see fragments of my soul in thee
And, in you, they are so absolutely free –
Free to dance and glitter in spring sunlight,
Free to peacefully twinkle on a winter night –
And so, out of all the things I could be,
I choose this: To ever be in love with thee.

A Verse for Vanessa

Verily, as sublime as the flowers may seem,
All   corners of earth have nothing   like you,
Nothing as beautiful, whether in light or dark.
Each your smile ignites passions like an inferno,
Such as keep me coming back for more, to burn
Softly near you, listening to the angelic melody
Always infused in your voice like a chorus solo.