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A man is his body, soul and mind
To these three forever be kind
For they are the pillars of life
Made stronger and firmer by strife.

A man becomes by overcoming;
Imitate the determined human being,
Him, neither wounds nor disease can kill
Nor failure quash his indomitable will.

So never fear to join the fray
Or face the peril on your way
Nor to fight the battles you must
Even if you’ve always lost in the past.

Just ignore the world’s confusing din
Go ahead and do it, and do to win,
But if you don’t, then learn something;
And always have fun in everything.



Do dreams actually come true
When the sea rises in high tide
Ending the seamen’s ado
To sail upon waters far and wide?

When men dream of such things,
What wind lifts their eager wings?

Do dreams actually come true
After winds, steady and strong,
Work with a sea vessel’s crew,
To take sailors where they long?

When thus favoured by chance,
Is arrival verily a victory dance?

Do dreams actually come true
At the journey’s timely ending
if life remain and scars be few,
and no vestige of action pending?

Is it when thus left with no more to do
that men count their dreams came true?

Do dreams actually come true
So men can enjoy sunsets in peace
Knowing they were useful here too
And can withstand death’s cold kiss?

When a man learns the secrets of death
Won’t he more easily give up his breath?

Dreams may actually come true
If men knew what dreams to dream
by looking keenly to that innate clue –
passions – stifled to a silent scream.

The best dream is a man’s raison d’etre,
Not to achieve, but daily make him better.

Dreams have been proven to come true
By men who smiled at their lives’ ends
Glad to peep past death, and start life anew,
Because a fully lived life needs no amends.

That’s all death demands – that we live fully –
So when he takes life, he can leave us glory.


Sometimes we slide on bad luck
and fall in love with the wrong person.
This may seem like a tragedy,
but it really is not.
The wise understand that
hearts are made stronger
by being broken,
because we find our own strength
when we are weak,
and the limits of our perseverance
become clear when we’re hurting.
Heartaches are lessons
just like relationships
are experiences.
The lessons learnt
while with the wrong person
serve to make the relationship
with the right person better.


She might’ve wanted to stay with us more,
But the angels stood at heaven’s door,
And bid her come, come home to thy father;
Then her soul knew it was time to go thither.

So, trusting in what the good book saith,
She gave up her very last breath;
And flew away on the wings of her faith,
Across that dreadful chasm we call death.

And thus she went – home to the hands of the Lord,
Where the health and joys of believers are restored;
Went to that sweet, promised land whose hosts sing,
And make merry each moment, for time everlasting.

Now she smiles down on us from heaven above,
And watches as we say our sad, sorrowful goodbye,
And in our mourning she reads the depth of our love,
For she’s forever loved, even after we cry our eyes dry.

Repose en paxi Mom, tu es une lumiere dans nos vies.`


When things don’t go your way,
Will you have the courage to stay
And with gusto finish the last round
And not once surrender your ground?

Can you promise to be strong –
If all your plans go wrong,
Will you stubbornly hold on
Until all your strength is gone?

While everyone fails around you
And has their mood sober and blue,
Will you manage a hopeful smile
And tenaciously go an extra mile?

Do you swear to be true to the hustle
Even if fear paralyzes nerve and muscle,
Or the body screams for nothing but rest?
Will you still get up and give it your best?

When things don’t go your way, ever,
will you believe it’s God’s way, his plan,
and decide to quit complaints and palaver,
so he can bless you in all the ways he can?


B7kx-_OCUAAkHb0Wisdom knows that life is like a river. Wherever or however it may start, a river has only one goal: To reach the sea. It does not matter what useful or destructive things it does along its way, in the end it must reach the sea. But with neither senses nor memory to direct it towards the oceans, what guides it ever towards the lowlands? Gravity. The river trusts in gravity knowing that it is bound to lead it where it needs to go. The river trusts gravity when it has to go round a rock. The river trusts gravity when it has to meander. The river trusts gravity when gravity takes it over sands that drain some of its substance or make it muddy. The river trusts gravity at all times, because gravity can never fail it nor take it to somewhere it does not need to go.
Just like gravity guides the river to the sea, destiny guides our lives to our purpose on earth, to our calling, to our fate. Whether you believe it or not does not matter; but your actions are always directed by your destiny towards realizing your life’s purpose. Each of us was born to achieve something useful and meaningful on earth. But the lie that many people believe is that it is impossible to achieve a life purpose without knowing it from the beginning. Consequently, such people quit before they’ve even begun. But, on the contrary, most people only come to know what their purpose was once they have achieved it. And some die before they get to know what theirs was – only for it to become clear posthumously.
So be like the river and trust in your destiny. Trust that everything you go through is leading you to something great and unique. There is a reason you feel the passions in your heart; those desires and doubts, hopes and fears, dreams and frustrations, wishes and aspirations are not burning in your heart just because you are human. Everything you feel and experience is special and unique to you. It is the voice of destiny calling out to you – trying to show you the way and hoping that you will trust in it and follow. It all serves to slowly push or pull you towards your fate. But it is hard to follow unless you trust; and impossible to trust unless you believe. So believe that your life is fated for an exceptional purpose; and trust that your destiny is slowly guiding you towards that purpose. And like the river, I hope you find your sea. I hope you find your purpose and happiness. Good luck!!


I will always remember Megan and Rachel and that fateful ride when I first scouted the routes that cut through one of Nairobi’s more affluent neighbourhoods. I was sitting on the back seat of Megan’s Land Cruiser; she was driving and her Australian visitor, Rachel, was seated on the passenger side making small talk. I do not know what prompted Rachel to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up; neither do I know what made me give her the answer I did.

“I always wanted to be jet-fighter pilot. I would so love to work in the Kenya Air Force.” I told her in all honesty of an eighteen year old unsure how to act around two mature white women. I was many worlds away from home, this was an alien setting for me altogether. Physically, however, I was only a short way from home — it is only twenty minutes from Runda to Mathare, much less if you are not using public transport.

Rachel came back with, “Why do you want to kill people?”

I was taken aback, that was never my first impression when I thought of working in the armed forces, “Well, I wouldn’t have to kill them if they weren’t guilty of something.”

“So do you think all the children and women who die in war are guilty?”

“Of course not. Which is why I want to be a jet pilot so I can be diligent enough to drop the bombs more accurately and avoid innocent victims.”

“But then…”

But by then Megan had had enough and decided to cut in.

“Go ahead and be anything you want to be, Kelvin. Don’t listen to what anyone tells you you can or cannot be.” she said to me.

I never made it to the armed forces, matter of fact, I doubt that my application for cadet openings even warranted being looked at twice before being trashed. It turned out that the world was calling me elsewhere. That turned out to be a young university, deep in the African jungle where people still study under trees (This is not such a bad dogma amongst white folks, think of all the tourists who come searching for that jungle). I ended up taking a course in engineering, perhaps holding on to the hope that it was not too late to be a pilot.

Anyway, Rachel went back to Australia and I never heard from her again. And Megan went on to start a charity organisation, Tushinde, so she can enable more and more African kids to be what they want to be and not to listen to anyone who tells them otherwise. I can tell you from experience that to survive in the slums, these kids really need a lot of help. Personally, if it weren’t for organisations and people like Change Lives Now, Megan, Mogra Star Academy, etc. I might not have gone through high school let alone know how to use this computer and write this blog. That is why today I only wrote in honour of those who weren’t obligated to help me in any way, but went ahead and did anyway. They are the ones who make me deaf to the world until I get what I set out to achieve.

PS: I use British English because Megan is Brit, but I must apologize beforehand for the grammatical errors I cannot spot. The other day a professor read my blog and told me that my English is bad. What I didn’t tell him was to suck it; he is still marking last semester’s exams, you know. But his pompous criticism almost made me remind him that my blog is read by more people than his dignified and correct academic papers. He is more evidence that the world is full of haters, and people too ready and willing to put you down. Learn to ignore them and keep moving forward, move until you are what you want to be and not what the world says you will become.