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What makes you so beautiful? Maybe it is that smile, bright as the sun, and those jet black eyes twinkling with unspoken promises, like two stars adding to the brightness of your smile. Or it could be the way those lashes tease as they blink, hiding the beauty of your eyes for a fraction of a second too long. But then there is your hair, how it flows down onto your shoulders swinging with your movements. I envy it for being a part of you although I still want to play with it, twirling it on my fingers. Perhaps your beauty is not because of anything visible or tangible. Maybe it is in the melody of your voice and in the chorus of your laughter. The strength of your character or even the allure of your personality could be what makes you so appealing. All I know is that all these things make you a woman of ineffable beauty. Factoring in your hot body and that keen mind, you are damn irresistible. Is it still a wonder that I am this addicted to you?

When I am next to you, I feel the buildup of attraction driving me to near insanity. My hands can’t seem to keep to myself. It is as if my heart and lungs cannot provide them with the breath and blood they need to stay alive, and your body is the only place they can get some nourishment. Maybe now you will understand me when I say I am hungry for you. Matter of fact I am starving. The only thing that can satiate my hunger is to have you in my arms, to feel your body rubbing against mine; to kiss your lips until we are both out of breath, to caress your soft skin until my hands have known every inch of your body. That’s why some times I am afraid of being near you in public. I don’t know what my hands will do on their own volition nor what might escape my mouth while I am hypnotized by your charm and drawn to your beauty. It is too much of a risk to take as things stand right now. What if I lost control and decided to show him how to make love to you? What if I told him to his face that if he won’t leave you to me, then we are doomed to share you? These are things I’ve wanted to say, things I would already have said if I was sure that is what you want. However, I really don’t mind sharing as long as I get to have you. After all, a piece (fraction) of heaven is still a full heaven – laws of infinity.

The only thought in my mind right now is that I need my share right now because I am sure it is greater than nil. It has to be. I know how to increase it, but I need it first. I need that one night of surrender when you give yourself up to me, submitting to my means of pleasuring you. Surely, loving you is a joy, but making you moan with pleasure, having you beg for more, and finally seeing you glow with contentment, that has to be the greatest joy I could ever have. And I want that. I need you in my arms, our bodies intertwined in unity; as I kiss your lips, nibble on your ear while gently caressing your body. I want to slowly undress you and watch as heaven unfolds before my eyes, but only as slowly as my desire can let me. Then I want to suck on your boobs so hard, so sensually, so long, that you’ll forget you are anything more than your boobs. But when I finally turn my attention to your pussy, I want to give you my everything; to make you forget where, what, why, when or how; to have you completely lost in the moment. The entirety of my being – mind, tongue, hands, manhood, every part of me – will be tasked only with taking you to the pinnacle of pleasure. That will be the moment of our lives, the moment you know what it is like to have a man desire you so bad that nothing apart from you makes sense to him. It will be the moment when I get my chance to really make you happy the one way I know how. But more importantly, I’ll be able to show you how I feel about you in more than words; these can never be enough, nor nearly descriptive enough to express my true feelings. When I am done, I want you to know, and believe, that I really love you; that you are the most beautiful, sexiest woman I ever saw; that your love is my home, is where my heart belongs.