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That hapless lost soul ended up inside of me. Now it drags me around the world as it desperately seeks its home. But it cries, a poem here and an article there, hoping someone out there will hear, perhaps understand and come tell me where home is.


I used to be the air, just there,
formless, shapeless, listless,
until your love
compelled me to move,
to be a breeze,
a whirlwind, a gale,
to be the tornado
rocking the zeitgeist –
a wind of change
in my life and beyond;
but while curious souls
are wont to wonder,
your mind asks
wherefore your love
is so motive,
why it inspires,
moves me.
I answer:
your heart already
secretly knows,
as hearts oft do,
That it is simply because
I love you too.


Humanity fears death and decay,
Thus the soul never truly is free –
A slave to the wish of more sway,
On the course and speed upon the sea
Of angst that we sail – but paddle away,
Calm in spirit, ever forward, for, see:
Everything is not gonna be okay,
It’s only gonna be as it should be;
And even that on its chosen day,
Not the time that pleases thee.

I Had a Dream

I had a dream
About you and the days we had,
Then a divinely white light fell on me
And I cried: Oh Lord,
She is the sweetest angel,
She is that love Jesus called God,
She is heaven itself,
She is everything and she is mine!
That’s where I woke to light of day
As the same old atheist I became.